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Whats Up With Rick Moore Groups Free Real Estate Workshops

Rick Moore Group Free Real Estate Workshops Bellingham Washington Whatcom County Home Selling Home Buying

You might ask yourself why a Real Estate team would offer free workshops (no strings attached), along with a free drink, appetizers, one-on-one chats with lenders and agents for personalized, professional information in a casual, outdoor setting around a fire pit…and did I say totally free and no strings attached? So what’s the deal? Will there be pressure to commit to something or sign up for something, to do actual ‘work’ in the ‘workshop’? Is it a gimmick, is there a catch? What’s in it for the Real Estate team, you might ask; am I giving up my contact information and will they call me all the time?

We get it. A free Real Estate workshop hosted by Realtors may raise a few (don’t-want-to-be-pressured) eyebrows, but here’s how the Rick Moore Group is different:

1) No pressure

2) No sales pitch

3) No expectations

4) No requirements

5) No obligation

6) No big round table in a dull, air-conditioned conference room

It’s about getting to know our neighbors, and providing them with the tools they’ll need when they decide to buy or sell a home. We don’t care if you’re buying/selling today, tomorrow, next year, 5 years from now, or never – if you’re interested in the Real Estate market and simply want to understand your options, we’d like to help. Because it’s in our best interest to maintain honest and respectful relationships with our neighbors; maybe they’ll be our clients down the road (YAY!), but in the meantime, it’s a complicated market out there and lots of folks have questions.

Rick Moore Group Bellingham WA Whatcom County Real Estate Workshops Selling & Buying In Complicated Market. Investing in Real Estate.Our workshops are short, low-key presentations with time to hang out, ask questions, and get to know each other afterwards. You can ask questions right after the Lender or Realtor speaks, or you can wait and talk to someone personally, just one-on-one. We do offer cards for contact information if you want to enter our Golden Ticket Sweepstakes drawing ($500 towards any closing with the Rick Moore Group, as well as other prizes), but there’s no obligation to do so.


We at Rick Moore Group like to have a good time, and we want you to have a good time, too. Hang out by the fire pit, enjoy the evening, a drink, something to eat, call us over if you want to ask questions specific to your unique situation. We strive to be transparent, honest, and available – call us anytime; we’re your neighbors!

View information on upcoming workshops here.

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